Games for Google Plus

Google has been very methodical in the release of Plus, and this is certainly true with the games aspect of the social networking. A large percentage of people who have Facebook accounts do so simply to play any number of different online games in addition to connecting with people. Google Plus was originally rolled out without any games, but this was simply an effort to get the program up and running and have a user base established before games were introduced. A number of different great developers have games that are currently on Plus and this is sure to increase over time. Below are some of the more popular games.

Angry Birds

This game is already a very popular title on Android and iPhone platforms. There are multiple free and paid apps for the smart phones, so it is no wonder why this game is one of the most popular ones on Google Plus. The game is quite simple to understand, but get addicting and quite challenging. The user is basically using a slingshot to propel birds at evil green pigs. With 120 levels, it is easy to get hooked. On each level, the Plus user is able to see friends’ scores. This can be quite a motivator to do well or go back and try to get a new high score above all of the friends.

Dragons of Atlantis

There are four different tribes that are all trying to beat each other and be the rulers of the entire civilization. It is your job to defend your stake in Atlantis and try to beat the other three tribes who are doing the same thing.

Zombie Lane

In this game, the premise is simple. Zombies need to be killed and the community needs to be repaired. In the beginning of the game, the only weapon is a shovel. Over time, different weapons can be acquired to help in ridding the land of zombies. In addition to killing, houses and businesses need to be rebuilt and crops needs to be replanted so civilization can continue after the zombies are all gone.

City of Wonder

This simulation game is the same one that is found on Facebook. Both games are linked together, so if you have been playing on Facebook, your same progress will show up when you go over to Google.

Like all good simulation games, the premise is to build up a civilization, invent new things and continually build and improve upon the world. There is also the ability to work with neighbors or attack them depending on your motives.

Crime City

Like Mafia Wars on Facebook, the goal is to build a thug empire through any means necessary. There are various missions to be completed throughout the game. In the beginning, you start out as a small time criminal. With more time in the game, you will be able to become a true crime boss.

There are many social media purists that do not understand or appreciate the fact that games are integrated in sites such as Facebook and Google Plus. Games are definitely integral and are here to stay. The more options that can be offered for a user gives him more reasons to stay on the site. This means more time in front of advertisers and a more captive audience. There are a lot of game players out there and many of them are on social sites. In the coming months, there are sure to be many more games added to the already great Google Plus game library.


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