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You may have noticed all the posts on Google+ recently showing the interactive posts button. This button promises brings a little more to the table – interactivity.


Google+ Interactive Posts


These interactive posts (recommend above) place a clickable inteactive button into your post.

From Google :

Interactive posts provide an easy and prominent way to allow users to share your site or app with their connections and invite them to take action, for example, RSVP for an event. Interactive posts can drive new users to your site, improve conversions, and increase engagement.

An interactive post in the Google+ stream is similar to a basic shared post but adds a call-to-action button and support for deep linking.


Now there are some great tutorials online that you can follow to embed these interactive posts onto / into your site. But what about people that may have difficulty with this … hey presto the WordPress plugin for interactive posts was born!


WordPress Inteactive Posts Plugin

The Plugin :

Save time and frustration fiddling with annoying and complicated code – simply install the WP Interactive Post plugin, and start benefiting from customised G+ shares with Interactive Post Labels – effort free!

This plugin allows you to have interactive sharing on all your pages. Customise the button to read : share, post, Happy Monday, if you fancy.

You can customise the button in the Google+ share : read, read more, connect, from a selection of options provided by Google.

You do need to create and allow an api access, we direct you to the page and provide screenshots and information for you to follow to successfully find your api code.


Current inteactive posts plugin

Works on all pages

One set intective post message

Update version being worked on

Select which pages to be displayed on

Select inteactive post text, specific to that page that you want to display.


If you choose to add the inteactive posts to your page manually, the tricky bit is creating your Google API client ID.


Google API Client ID

Follow the steps to get your API client code needed to display Google+ interactive posts

Note: you will need to create a new account for each site you want to display inteactive posts on.


To get your Google API Client ID :


Select API Access


Fill in the sites details


Add sites URL


Voila … your API Client ID


Oh and remeber to share with the new Interactive Post, go on give it a try.






+Tim Capper




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