Google plus (G+) review November

Google Plus is a new social site for networking. It is the latest social media toy from Google. Like other Google services, it makes social life online even more fun. Here are some details on what Google Plus offers.

Google Plus (G+) Updates

The Interface

The interface is a lot like Facebook. You have a page that acts as the gateway to the site. There are the typical media pages that Google Plus offers as any other social site will. It also offers the famous “Like” button that so many users prefer in social media. When it is all said and done, this social media outlet offers some really good access to the best of Google. You can use all of Google’s toys together to make your social media experience better. There is one key feature though that has most sites paying attention.







Rank High

The ranking within Google has typically been through SEO before. This social media outlet will offer far more to the user now through Google Plus. Not only can you “like” any work or video, you are also actually helping him or her rank high in the search engines at the same time. Consider it to be like a “fast track” for ranking a site or business.









The site is organized like most other social media sites. You have your circles of friends. They can share and access your friends. This is a huge network connection that Google Plus calls “Circles.” This promises to add far more to the whole social media experience.









“Hangouts” are the new thing that this toy offers. This is the place that everyone in your circle can chat together through video. This is probably the most exciting feature of the whole site. You can chat and see what everyone is wearing. You can talk live and remain in contact from anywhere with a simple interface that connects your contacts to your chat experience.








You can sign up via RSS feeds for specific sites. All you have to do is sign up for your favourite subjects. Then the site does the rest. You are sent RSS feeds for the sites that are relevant to any of your interests. It is a nice way to find new things that you would never realize existed before.


Text chat is available through Google Plus with “Huddles.” It is a lot like the video chat sections that are called “Hangouts.” The only difference is that the conversation happens through text. This is one part of Google Plus that sites will wish to use for creating connections with people that are interested in their content.







You can customize your account and your friends for ease of use. This allows you to stay in contact with a click of a button. This convenience is perfect for everyone’s busy life. The interface is very easy to use as well. It is a simple drag and drop interface.

How to Access

You can access Google Plus through Google in the search engines or through clicking “You” on Google. It is really fun when you use your cell phone. You can access the Google Plus app through your Android phone right now. Click on the app and you are off. When you want to chat or enter “Hangouts,” just click on the “Circle” that you want and select “Hangout.”





Keep up to Date

You will enjoy the click and select feature on your cell phone. You can click a picture of yourself on your cell phone and select it for your avatar. This allows you to stay connected in a real way with everyone in your life.


Stay in touch

When you use Google Plus and remain updated on Google maps, you can show where you are anytime of the day or night. It is an excellent way of meeting up with those people that are important to your life. They won’t get lost ever again.

Personalise Your Profile

Like any other form of social media, your profile in Google Plus should remain up to date. Along with updating your avatar, you can add pictures, videos and any design to your profile that you like. All it takes is creativity and some time to keep your profile not only up to date, but also hip and cool.

Something New

You can even edit your pictures using Google Plus. Through Picasa and Google Plus, your creativity will know no boundaries. Even the meta data can be changed to suit your individual needs. Everything is custom designed by you and can be done from the app interface. That makes the modern life on the go, even easier than before. The days of having to go home to download your pictures from your cell phone are gone forever.


Business Uses

You can even use Google Plus as a business tool. Create a video conference call easily with a click of a button. Add anyone new that you like by simply dragging and dropping them into the “Circle.” All of this makes staying in touch easier than ever before.


Some Cons

While the above pros are excellent, there are some cons to Google Plus. Initial reports show that the creators of Google Plus have serious reservations about its success. In fact, according to Barry Welford of Technorati (October 15, 2011), the problem with Google Plus is that even the designers do not use it. Considering the success of Apple and Steve Jobs obsession with his own products, you have to wonder what that implies.

Given all of the pros, Google Plus should be an excellent way to stay in touch through the power of social media. Like Facebook, it offers the ability for people to delve deeper into the lives of others from across the globe. It is just starting out, so hopefully, it will take off better than some of Google’s past releases. Only time will tell what direction Google Plus will go. You can decide for yourself right now.


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