Google Plus and Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest growing web browsing applications on the entire internet. It is often preferred over Internet Explorer, due to its speed, efficiency, easy usability, trendiness and stylishness. Many internet surfers immediately enjoyed using Google Chrome upon its release, and it’s quite certain that many more will come to love Google Chrome, once it gets more mainstream exposure.

Google Chrome Plus is an even more enhanced version of Google Chrome. Google Chrome Plus aims to take what Google Chrome already established to new heights on the internet. Many of the design flaws in Google Chrome have been corrected in Google Chrome Plus. There are five new enhancements found in Google Chrome Plus that Google Chrome didn’t have.

As Chrome users are well-aware, Google is always updating its newest project, and future upgrades are all but guaranteed. The best part about Google Chrome is that it is totally free to use. While Mozilla Firefox, the main competitor to Google Chrome, has long been considered more customizable, the makers of Google Chrome Plus are beginning to erase that gap right now.

The five improvements Google Chrome Plus boasts in this new edition are as follows:


  • Google Chrome Plus now features a tab that users can click twice to close it. Instead of looking for the little x on tabs, now you can just put the mouse over the tab and double-click it if you want to exit that tab
  • State-of-the-art gestures with the mouse. Mouse gestures are ways of putting together the movements of the mouse with commands that the software already recognizes.
  • You can now make your mouse into a super-dragger. You get to drag a URL or link anywhere on the page, and you can see hyperlinks in different tabs.
  • You can now enjoy Internet Explorer and Google Chrome at the same time. If you have a link that fits into both browsing applications, you can have an Internet Explorer tab open into Google Chrome. All that needs to be done is for you to click the Internet Explorer tab at the end of the URL address bar.
  • Tool support is now available while you’re in the menu of contexts. You have the option of have downloads from the download manager sent straight to Google Chrome. Just one right-click with the mouse and you can choose any file you want to download to send to the download manager.

Past and present users of Google Chrome will enjoy the many new benefits offered by Google Chrome Plus. While these new features may take up more memory on your computer, the makers of Google Chrome Plus are confident that it will still be the simple, easy-to-use browser that many have come to love. The advantages of these impressive new features outweigh the disadvantages by far.

The makers of Google Chrome Plus do not anticipate many problems with these new features, as they have been tested for reliably and function. Google Chrome Plus still maintains all of the great features that current Chrome users enjoy, while adding a fantastic boost of benefits. This is one web browser to be reckoned with.

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