Google Plus updates for 2011

The Google Plus system is something that is being constantly updated, considering that it is really a relatively recent social networking platform. With the level of updates that it receives however, it should be mainstream in a matter of time. Indeed, some estimates have suggested very fast growth for the website. This means that each piece of news is going to be closely watched by a number of fans.


Some individuals might prefer to compare the +1 button to the like button in the world of Facebook. However, this feature has recently really started to stand out in its own right. There are reports that it is no longer playing second fiddle to the social networking giant, since it serves literally billions of clicks each day. Some of this popularity might have to do with the fact that the +1 feature has more functionality than what one would usually expect out of a simple button. While some individuals might try to say that the fact that any user can potentially see the +1 items of other users, this could actually be a feature in some respects. There might be some reasons that one would want to share their Google +1 items with a larger audience, and creative applications can open up interesting marketing offers to them.
Considering those impressive numbers that have inched up well into the billions, there is a ready group of people who could quickly be reached by creative social network marketing. However, many people have still been looking towards otherwise social enterprise platforms. These sorts of figures may very well change that very shortly. Google seems to recognize that they are ready for this kind of activity. The Google+ platform is better integrated with some of the other properties of the company. Google is starting to use accounts in a more regularized fashion. Perhaps the best aspect of this is that invites are a happy memory. They’ve been gone for only a short bit of time, but this alone has perhaps been responsible for the massive growth of the web resources. It certainly is much easier to sign up for Google+ these days, but there really is something to be said for being genuinely chosen by a friend to mess around with a brand new page during field-testing.

One of the more interesting aspects of this integration is increased support for iOS devices. Technically, these devices are competitors to the Google Android platform. The Huddle feature, which has been renamed Messenger, offers some instant messaging capabilities on the go. This can certainly be useful for those that get charged for mobile texts, or who want better capabilities when communicating with desktop computers. However, this feature isn’t solely locked on mobile units that run on Google Android. People who use the iPhone or SMS devices can join in on the fun. This is actually a pretty big step, since many things in the world of software have been rather proprietary in the past. This is a happy exception to that rule that could perhaps begin to change it. It is perhaps notable that at one point, the corresponding app was the most popular in the Apple App Store. That’s not bad for the competition.
That being said, those users who are fans of Android might want to start taking a second look at Instant Upload. Quite a few people complain about the way mobile devices store things. The file systems can be hard to work with, and for all their marvels, they never seem to work in the manner of a regular computer. However, the Instant Upload feature is an Android photo album. The album is private, and can also accept video. It should see more use soon enough, considering that it does the job of emulating a real photo album fairly well.

The Google Books platform was not left out either. This particular section of the Google empire has been praised even by those who otherwise would criticize the various ventures that the search engine giant has struck out on. Therefore, it might be the key to unlocking a very intelligent and dynamic demographic to use the Google+ platform. Google Books itself is still relatively young, though within the last two years it has announced a wish to scan each published book in the world. Considering the negative publicity that was caused by the rejection of the settlement agreement between Google and publishers, the book service might be seen as a bit downtrodden. While it really has changed rather little about how individuals use the service, it did tarnish the image slightly. It probably wasn’t nearly as well known as the nymwars fight that Google+ actually saw, though.

Bearing in mind the new image of Google+, users of Google Books can end up creating a lot of publicity for the service while enjoying reading and sharing text between one another. The previews and about the book pages that the service offers will usually feature a Google+ Share box that can be used to share with a circle. Considering that some users are creating literary circles for their friends, this can be a great way for people to share a new book that they have just purchased. Indeed, that creates a new market for booksellers to get real opinions from a candid crowd. For the individual user, though, it can also be a great way to share any of the few millions free books that the service provides.

With the end of invitations for everyone over the age of eighteen, Google Plus will surely start to grow. In fact, there was a study that suggested that over one in ten adults in the United States were already users of the identity service. While Google Apps mail accounts cannot yet be used for Google Plus, they’ll be sure to increase usage in their own right. When that piece of news gets out, the service will be sure to grow to an even greater size than where it is today.


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