Google+1 Button now linked to Google Plus account

Google+ and the plus one button have been available for a while now, but now the two are linked together, allowing users to share what they like with their friends in a way that is similar to the Facebook share or like button.

While this may seem all too similar to Facebook, there are some distinct differences. For example, website owners can customize their snippet information, which is the information that users see when something is shared on Google+.

Google+1 button linked to Google Plus

If you have ever shared something on Facebook, you should have noticed the Title, the image of the content and the description on the right side of the image. With Google+, you can optimize what people see for your site’s snippet.

You can, for example, use a code like this:

{body itemscope itemtype=””>
{h1 itemprop=”name”}This is the article name{/h1}{img itemprop=”image” src=”thumbnail.jpg”/} {p itemprop=”description”}This is the description
of the article.{/p} </BODY}

Replace the curly brackets with angular brackets. By filling in these properties, you can optimize your site’s display on Google+.

If you don’t see these features just yet, you may have to wait a couple of days. Google is rolling out new feature, and it will become available to all users within a few days.

This, of course, is something that can be very beneficial to site owners. By having the ability to customize what users see, they can potentially increase their site’s traffic. Site owners should determine what kind of text they want to be included in the Google+ description, the image users will see and the Title users will read.

This is just one kind of feature that should appeal to business owners and another reason Google+ is different from Facebook.

As of now, there is no certainty that the snippet feature will affect your organic listing description. It may still be whatever it has been before the new Google plus feature rolled out. However, it seems sensible that Google would consider the user generated descriptions for its organic listing descriptions. It may even help the SEO aspect of a site.

Google is trying to focus on user-friendly algorithm methods, which is why they created algorithm updates called Panda. Therefore, it only makes sense that Google will take into consideration what users are doing on its own social network site. They may incorporate that kind of information into its algorithm methods, forever changing the social marketing game.

If you do not have a Google+ account, you should create one and optimize your snippet code. The ability to customize how your site is shared on Google+ is very valuable and just one more step in the ever changing social network marketing game.

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