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First, what exactly is the Google plus one button? It is the little grey box next to the URL listings in Google searches. When you click the +1 button, you are endorsing that site, giving your approval for that site and its quality.

This is Google’s way of keeping up with current social media trends, and they are doing a great job of capturing the universal vision: Being able to share what you like with your friends. When you +1 something, you are essentially saying, “I think this is cool. You should check it out!”

The +1′s button effect on SEO

Let’s say you were searching for a local shop in your area. You may come across a site that has a +1 from your sister and other people. Even aside from family members, you may see +1s from people all across the world who have clicked on the +1 button for that site.

Of course, since Google respects its user’s privacy, you can opt to show your information when you +1 something. Therefore, even if you do recommend a site, your friends or family may not see that you have; rather, they just see how many +1s that site has.

To sum it up, you want your website to receive many +1s. Having these endorsements will increase your organic visits, and possibly paid visits. The reason is because people trust the opinion of people they know. If a person’s friends recommend something, that person will likely check out what his or her friends have recommended. Moreover, the +1 button is a great way to differentiate what is low quality and what is high quality.

Social media SEO

The +1 button is not a revolutionary concept; it is a continuation of a revolutionary concept. For years, major search engines like Google have highly considered the recommendations from other social media sites, which is why social media marketing is so important. Therefore, the +1 button is a continuation of the social circle concept, where SEO is affected by others’ opinion.

Many ranking graphs show that Google prioritizes sites by certain qualities. First, they consider that page’s authority. Second, they consider the number of Facebook shares for that site. Third, they consider the number of quality backlinks. Fourth, they consider the number of Tweets the URL has. Fifth, they consider the number of Google buzz links. Lastly, they consider the site’s title and keywords.

Moreover, Facebook shares are highly considered. These can be anything from linking, commenting and liking. Facebook gathers this intel, which Google collects to determine the content’s rank for that platform of ranking.

This is why inbound marketing is so important, and will become more important as marketing trends change. To receive quality organic traffic to your site, you need to be socially engaging across multiple social media sites. You want to generate as many likes, comments, shares and plus one’s (+1s) as you possibly can.

+1 social metrics will be hard to manipulate

One common objection from SEO experts is that the +1 feature will be easy to manipulate. However, this is likely not possible since Google can determine what is human activity and what is not. It will be very hard to use automated signals from robot accounts to manipulate the +1 button.

Google only takes into consideration what is human activity, and they have enough features to determine what accounts are human and what accounts are user-generated. When determining if activity is coming from a human account, Google may consider these things:

.Google Calendar
.Google Adwords
.Google Voice
.Google Checkout
.Google Docs
.Search history

Moreover, there other things Google can look into when determining the validity of account activity. Of course, the people behind Google are not beginners when it comes to spam accounts and robot accounts. They have enough technology to determine what are human accounts and what are not. They also look at author authority to determine these things, as well.

The future of +1

There is speculation of a publisher button that can be embedded on websites, allowing site owners to share information similar to how Facebook and Twitter allows site owners to share information. Of course, there will still be a need for other social media sites. Every social media site has its pros and cons that business owners can utilize in his or her overall marketing strategy

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