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Google has created a lot of buzz with its new +1 feature that rivals Facebook’s like button. As with the popular Facebook feature, +1 allows users to share and recommend WebPages to friends and colleagues. This new feature will result in an enhancement to the end user search experience. Popularly rated pages will take precedence in search results over unpopular pages. Additionally, Google has also quietly released a feature that allows searchers to permanently block unwanted search results.

The New Google Plus Platform

Google plus one (+1) is currently an experimental feature, so in order to use it you will need to have a Google profile and join the experiment.

How to set up and use Google +1:

1. If you do not currently have an active Google profile, you will need to create to create one. Then, you will need to make the profile public. For those with an existing Google profile, you will need to upgrade your account in order to access the new +1 feature.

2. Open your web browser and navigate to the Google Labs experiment search landing page located at Once on the page, click the “Join this experiment” button.

3. Ensure that you are still logged into your Google account and then search for something using the Google search engine. Alongside the results, you will now notice a +1 button. On results that you find relevant or helpful, click the +1 plus one  button and recommend the page to others.

4. The first time you click the +1 button, a pop up window will appear. You will need to confirm your +1 plus one vote before it will go into effect.

5. If you wish to undo your rating of a website, simply click the +1 button again immediately.

Google will automatically determine who to share your +1 votes with by analyzing your existing social connections. Your social connections are comprised of people in your Google contact list, Google chat list, Google Buzz followers and Google Reader accounts.

Managing +1 Votes

By default, all of your +1 ratings will be available in the +1 tab located in your Google profile. You can choose whether you wish to make this tab available to the public or keep it private. The privacy options are available in the “Edit Profile” menu. If you wish to make your +1 ratings public, you can check the “Show this tab on my profile” option to turn it on.

How to remove plus one (+1) ratings:

1. Log into your Google account and click on your profile

2. On the profile page, click the +1 tab

3. Remove recommendations by clicking the X next to the desired +1 entry

Turning Off  Plus One (+1) Personalisation

While your ratings are not set as public by default, it is possible for others to discover which sites you have rated due to the advanced social features involved with the +1 feature. For example, if your friend rates a search result, then you might see that result displayed on a non-Google site. This happens because Google uses the +1 ratings given to websites in order to enhance and personalize the search experience for you and other users. If Google notices you like a certain site, then it is possible your friends or social connections might find it interesting as well. Google then recommends the site to your connections or other people who might find the site helpful. Understandably, this feature might be something that you wish to turn off due to privacy concerns.

How to turn off  Plus One (+1) personalisation:

1. Log into your Google account and open your Google profile
2. Click the link titled “Edit”
3. Click the button next to “Disable” and then click “Save”

While using +1 data is an excellent way to improve search results, it is easy to see how this particular feature could potentially be misused by miscreants. Overall, the Google +1 feature has a lot of potential to help enhance and personalize search results. If used correctly, the feature can help quality sites gain exposure over sites that offer low quality content. However, with this potential for search improvement there is also the opportunity for abuse. It remains to be seen if unscrupulous webmasters will stoop to the level of hiring hoards searchers for the sole purpose of artificially boosting their site rating.

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