Pages & People every SEO should have in their Circles

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1. Search Engine Land+ – Great way to keep updated on the latest search news via this new platform.

2. SEOmoz+ – If you haven’t checked out Whiteboard+ yet, it’s a series of videos by Rand Fishkin that’s exclusive to Google+. This is by far one of the best sources for high quality, original content on Google+.

3. Marketing Land+ – One of the best providers of search news & articles from around the Web. If you didn’t know, Sphinn became Marketing Land in late November.

4. Search Engine Watch+ – Get updates from yet another top tier search engine, SEO, and SEM news site.

5. Mashable+ – With over 225,000 followers, Mashable is one of the most influential Pages on Google+, as well as a great provider of up to the minute social media news & tips.

6. Google’s Page – I don’t think I need to explain why you should add this one to your circles (at least I hope not…).

7. Google+’s Page – This is the official Page of Google+. Stay updated with the latest news on Google+ straight from the source.

8. Point Blank SEO+ – I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m proud to say I’m one of the few Pages that posts on a daily basis, as well as the only Page that consistently posts links to content about link building.

9. StumbleUpon+ – See what’s going viral on the Web. If you’re a great SEO, you’re taking notes on what they’re choosing to post about, because if it’s getting posted on StumbleUpon, there’s not a bad chance it’s bringing in a boatload of links too.

10. SEO Book+ – Stay connected with the beloved blog of Aaron Wall. Although the blog doesn’t post as frequently anymore, you’ll still find some fantastic content.

11. The Hacker News+ – HN is a great resource for finding tech, startup, programming, and software development news & articles.

12. Google Chrome+ – If you use Chrome as much as me, here’s a great place to get updates on what Google is doing with this browser.

13. Technorati+ – This is one of the best ways to get updates on the blogosphere as a whole. Like StumbleUpon, you can use this to find what kind of content people are sharing.

14. SEOgadget+ – A great way to stay updated with SEOgadget, a buzz-worthy blog that’s been growing more and more popular.

15. Raven Tools+ – This is one of the few tools that almost all SEOs should have in their arsenal. They’ve recently been providing Hangouts so they can hear from their customers, so if you’re a Raven Tools fan, this is a great chance to get connected with their staff and get updates on the tool.

16. Copyblogger+ – Brian Clark’s Page for his blog. If you’ve ever read a post over at Copyblogger then you know it’s a Page worth adding to your circles.

17. Majestic SEO+ – A great way to keep updated on a tool that more SEOs are starting to use after Yahoo! Site Explorer left us.

18. SEO By The Sea+ – Keep up to date with the latest patents & rumors in search via Bill Slawski.

19. G+ Business Pages Directory+ – A great resource that not enough people know about. Easily find other Google+ Pages based on the circles this Page shares. For example, here’s a circle of all the Martial Arts themed G+ Pages.

20. Google+ Your Business+ – Yo dawg, I heard you like Google+ Pages, so I made a Google+ Page about Google+ Pages. Well, I didn’t, but the good folks at Google did.

21. Distilled+ – A great way to stay connected with the Distilled blog. Distilled is one of the few companies I trust 100% because of their world class consultants, and since they’re the ones writing up the content (most of the time), you know it’s going to be worth the read.

22. SEER Interactive+ – Keep updated with the SEER Interactive blog, one of my favorite reads because of the original tips & analysis Wil Reynolds and his team provides.

23. Vertical Measures+ – A great resource for finding awesome link building content.

24. Dejan SEO+ – One of the few Australian SEO blogs that provides unique insight into all things SEO and inbound marketing.

25. Traffic Generation Café+ – This is Ana Hoffman‘s Page for her blog. I’ve been fairly impressed with the links she’s been sharing.


26. Rand Fishkin+ – the founder & CEO of SEOmoz and a provider of fresh, unique opinions on the state of search.

27. Danny Sullivan+ – the editor at Search Engine Land who covers Google, SEO, PPC, and search engine marketing.

28. Matt Cutts+ – the head of Google’s Webspam team. Matt is the closest thing to an SEO at Google, and because Google+ is a Google product, he’ll be using it a lot more to talk & share.

29. Joost de Valk+ – WordPress & web developer known for his awesome on-site SEO tips and tricks. Also the creator of the Yoast SEO plugin.

30. Barry Schwartz+ – the CEO of RustyBrick, founder of Search Engine Roundtable, and news editor at Search Engine Land. Barry has been doing SEO for over 8 years.

31. Wil Reynolds+ – the founder of SEER Interactive and a highly talented link builder. Wil is a provider of fresh, original ideas for link building.

32. Aaron Wall+ – the founder & CEO of SEOBook. Aaron doesn’t post much, but if Google+ becomes increasingly popular, look for him to update his stream with a lot more insight.

33. Avinash Kaushik+ – Digital marketing evangelist for Google. Avinash is best known for his expertise in Web Analytics.

34. Matt McGee+ – the executive news editor for Search Engine Land. Matt is usually one of the first people covering a new developing story in the search industry.

35. Michael Gray+ – SEO blogger at Michael provides some great insight into all areas of SEO and affiliate marketing.

36. Todd Malicoat+ – SEO who blogs over at Todd has laid low for a little while, but he still provides some interesting, unique insight.

37. Eric Ward+ – Old school link builder and creator of the Link Moses newsletter. Eric is one of the most well respected link builders in the industry.

38. Bill Slawski+ – SEO blogger at His research into search patents is quite remarkable, and I suggest adding both his blog’s page and him to your circles, as he posts to both.

39. Will Critchlow+ – Director of Distilled, an SEO consulting agency. Will’s expertise and experience that comes with working at Distilled helps him provide some awesome advice and tips.

40. Ian Lurie+ – Internet marketer at Portent Interactive and SEO blogger at Conversation Marketing. Yet another guy that is labeled as a “must” in having in your circles.

41. Neil Patel+ – Co-founder of Crazy Egg & Kissmetrics and blogger at Neil usually talks about blogging and growing your business.

42. John Doherty+ – SEO Consultant with Distilled in NYC who blogs on and John is an SEO that actively blogs about new, actionable SEO tips and strategies.

43. Tom Critchlow+ – VP of Operations with Distilled in NYC. Tom is the brother of Will, and provides the same quality of insight as his brother.

44. Richard Baxter+ – Founder of SEOgadget. Richard is a well respected contributor to the SEOmoz community.

45. Cyrus Shepard+ – SEOmoz associate and blogger. Cyrus is an SEO writes posts for SEOmoz as well as for his own blog on

46. Ben Wills+ – Founder & CEO of Ontolo. Ontolo is a fantastic set of link building tools, and the man behind it all is Ben. Ben also blogs on Ontolo.

47. Ross Hudgens+ – SEO manager at Full Beaker who also blogs on Ross is one of the brightest minds in link building in my opinion.

48. Andrew Shotland+ – SEO blogger at If you ever need tips and advice on local SEO, Andrew is your guy.

49. Dixon Jones+ – Marketing director at Majestic SEO. Majestic is slowly becoming a more popular toolset, and Dixon provides some great insight into both it and SEO.

50. Gianluca Fiorelli+ – Italian SEO blogger at Gianluca is an active member of the SEOmoz community, and he’s one the most well known international SEOs.

Is there any Google+ page or person you would add to this list? Please let me know in the comments below!

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