Posting from Google Plus to Twitter and Facebook

Google+ is the social network generating the most talk right now. Newcomers to Google plus may be excited to try all of its new features, but most of them already have their feet firmly planted in Facebook and/or Twitter. There are some well-known applications that can share information on multiple social networks, such as Tweetdeck, but most mainstream applications don’t support Google+ yet.

Posting from Google Plus

Here we’ll explore a few different ways to make it easier to post across Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

One basic hack to post from Google+ to Facebook exploits Google+’s ability to share to email addresses. When you share a post on Google+, it goes to the stream of everyone you have listed in your circles. If you share something with someone who doesn’t have a Google+ account, though, they’ll receive and email with the post’s contents instead. This method exploits that feature to send your posts to a Facebook Mobile email address.

Go to and copy the email address it will provide. You can now go to Google+ and add this email address to a new circle. Call this circle “Facebook Post” or something so you won’t forget what its for. Now, if you share something on Google+ with your new “Facebook Post” circle, your status will be forwarded to your Facebook Mobile address and uploaded to your Facebook account.

This method is handy in the simplicity of its execution. It only takes a few minutes, and it requires no additional software. If you’ve used Facebook Mobile in the past, your already halfway there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as expected, it seems. Beyond basic textual information, there’s something that Facebook Mobile doesn’t like about Google+ formatted emails. Even simple anchor-text can become hopelessly garbled. If you’re going to use this method, you’ll probably want to stick to text-only statuses. There may be some hack or workaround for this that’s yet to be discovered.

The method above is usable, but it doesn’t account for Twitter users. Publish Sync6 is an extension for Google Chrome that allows users to cross-post from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to any combination of those three networks. Using Publish Sync6 is a bit more involved than the email method above, but it’s also more inclusive, featuring Twitter support as well. Publish Sync6 has been known to spam social networks, but apparently that issue has been resolved. Theoretically, it’s exactly the tool we are looking for.

In practice, Publish Sync6 has issues of its own. In fact, Google Plus is supported only in name. When you launch Publish Sync6, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all listed on its user interface. However, while Twitter and Facebook can be marked for shared posting, Google+ sometimes doesn’t even display this option. Publish Sync6 developers claim to be working on this problem.

Additionally, Publish Sync6′s Twitter functionality is redundant, since it requires logging into Twitter to be used. For this reason, Publish Sync6 will be completely useless for people who already use third party social networking software as long as Google+ is so poorly integrated.

One nice thing about Publish Sync6 is that it’s possible to pick which of your social networks see your post each time you use it. If you use different social networks to communicate with different crowds, this will be very useful. Still, it would be even more useful if Google+ were in fact supported at all.

This is more or less the full range of options available for posting to multiple social networks in addition to Google+, and unfortunately they’re all a bit shoddy. As Google+ eases out of its limited field trial and becomes more popular, we’ll probably start seeing support from more mainstream third party social networking applications like Tweetdeck. For the moment at least, it seems we’ll still have to do some of the dirty work ourselves.

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