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Posting from Google Plus to Twitter and Facebook

Google+ is the social network generating the most talk right now. Newcomers to Google plus may be excited to try all of its new features, but most of them already have their feet firmly planted in Facebook and/or Twitter. There are some well-known applications that can share information on multiple social networks, such as Tweetdeck, but […]

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Introducing Google Plus and Google+ 1 Button for Business

Guide to Google Plus and Google +1 Social media networks – like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter – have seen astronomical growth rates in the last couple of years. In 2006, Google purchased YouTube.com. YouTube.com allowed users to mark “like” or “dislike” on a video, as well as share videos with friends. Now, Google is incorporating […]

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Northamptonshire Business: How to use Google+

Google has created a lot of buzz with its new +1 feature that rivals Facebook’s like button. As with the popular Facebook feature, +1 allows users to share and recommend WebPages to friends and colleagues. This new feature will result in an enhancement to the end user search experience. Popularly rated pages will take precedence […]

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