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Google has expanded its reach to Gmail, YouTube, Android, Picasa and now Plus One (+1). Google +1 is the ongoing project to turn the entire Internet into a social media network.

Google Plus for Social Media

“First Online Visit”

Most Web users visit Google as their first search engine to determine where they should go. Google is a reliable gate keeper providing access to the amorphous Internet. Google wants to be known as the expert for searching, finding and sharing content.

“Technology Architecture Networks”

Mature businesses develop products and services with synergies. Google Plus offers an advanced, grown-up version of social media networks. Google is not interested in reinventing social media, it wants to make a good concept better.

Google + 1 has been rolled out in successive waves in order to fix potential problems. Google is creating a technology architecture network, which will satisfy numerous needs for mobile and online customers. It has succeeded by creating services that work properly and efficiently.

“Google Versus Facebook”

Consumers and businesses already trust Google for online searches. Google sets the standards for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google has more power, prestige, money and leverage than Facebook. The Google network is likely to grow; Facebook needs to remain relevant.

“New Page Rank Statistics”

Google is melding + 1 into search results, social networks and ads together in order to increase its revenue. It is like listening to YouTube music while surfing online.

Achieving a high Page Rank on a Google search is the primary goal for many online websites. This “+1″ could be used as a ranking factor. Besides the mathematical formula, Plus One votes,  recommendations by online users could determine whether a website was relevant for a keyword search.

Social media networks are sending their “easy-to-click” icons out on the Internet propagating their brands. On a Google search, you might see how many people “+1′ed” an article. Geographical-positioning is also being used showing how many people in your area “+1′ed” a website.

The Google Plus network shows content “created, shared or recommended” by those in your social circle. When people in your Google social network “+1″ a website, their picture and name are shown under the search results. Google can keep more people “hooked” into its network with “+1″.

Google Plus One promises incorporation with ads to increase customer feedback. Websites can add “+1″ to their pages.

“Latest Social Media Innovation”

Social media fads come and go. Social groups prefer the “latest” fad. Google is not a fad, it is a pillar of the Internet.

Google is adding “social layers” into its products and services. It offers superior functionality as opposed to the latest “hot” social media destination. Initially, many on Facebook and Twitter concentrated on the quantity
of fans, followers or friends. Google Plus offers quality.

“Google Circles Customise Friend Groups”

Google Plus One improves social media with more specific, sensitive groups, called “circles.” In the rush to accumulate “friends” – many were added who weren’t really “true friends.”

There are many special groups of people you know:

+ Acquaintances
+ Co-workers
+ Family
+ Neighbors
+ Shared hobbies
+ Strangers
+ True friends

With Google Plus, users can create more specific circles of people; for example, a true friend circle, a family circle and a shared hobby circle. People can customize more features in the Google Plus social media network so they only share in designated circles.

Google makes it easy to download friends directly from Gmail. As relationships change some people might not be as close anymore. The Plus One network has an “ignore” setting for removing posts or activity notifications from people you are no longer interested in. Google Plus permits more targeted sharing.

“Welcome to My Hangout”

Research has assisted Google in creating a more intuitive process for starting chat rooms too. Someone can declare in an invitation e-mail that he is going to “start a hangout.” Friends gradually join the hangout. Using its expertise with YouTube.com, Google has made it so that the hangout screen changes based on who is talking.


Google Plus Can Help Your Business

After extensive beta testing, Google released their Plus 1 service in June of 2011. This is meant as a direct challenge to Twitter and Facebook to get a piece of the social networking market. This new service has been growing exponentially every day since its release.

Google Plus one is just another service that can help out your business. It works in a similar fashion to the Facebook “like” feature. Clicking the +1 icon next to your site on Google will add a +1 to your listing. This feature can also be added to your blog so that it appears on every single page you have. This is the best way to get a large number of pluses, which can only benefit your site in the long run. Having the +1 next to your site in Google is not enough; most users will not hit the button until they’ve seen your content.

There are two main benefits to your business when using the +1 feature. First, it is a very easy way to boost your search engine rankings within Google. This is by far the best way to get more business on the internet. A +1 lets Google know that an actual person has visited and interacted with your site. This goes a long way in boosting your page rank and your actual ranking.

The second bewnefit is that your traffic will get a significant boost from the +1 feature, providing you are actually receiving +1s. Social proof, which is the number of “likes” or +1s your page has can actually motivate people to visit your site. If others have noticed your page, most people see this as a good reason to check it out, too.

Adding the +1 button to your pages or your blog is simple; there are plugins for any option out there you might need. Google Plus 1 is one of the many social networking options out there that can help your business, but it will most likely soon become the most important of all, so do not miss the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. If you are own a unique business with a good product, Google Plus 1 can help rocket you ahead of your competition.

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